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Purpose of Organic SEO

Organic SEO - White Hat SEO The purpose of Organic SEO techniques is to grow your site so that it ranks higher in the search engines, it also helps bring in a directly targeted audience by reaching out to them and grabbing their attention. In the internet’s universe, gaining attention means getting a high search engine results. This can be achieved only by making your site search engine friendly so that it is visible to them.

How to achieve Organic Rankings through Keyword Density

Making your site search engine friendly involves a big list of “to do” items and is not something that is done in a matter of a few hours. The most important of which is having a keyword rich content which is of high quality and uniquely original to your site. It is always a good idea to do keyword research before writing the first word on your new site. These keywords must be what people are most likely to use when looking for your products or services. Use these keywords through out your site’s content. Have about two to three keywords per page in your site. It is very critical to place your keywords in the page title, headings, sub heading and meta tags as well. Primarily the the page title is what the search engines display first in their search results, under that is the page description. You want both of these to use your main keywords for that page.

keyword density organic seo In order for organic rankings to be achieved the keywords and content you choose must be relevant to the products you’re offering. They must flow in an even manner as if you were speaking to directly to someone. There’s two reasons for this, first being you want your content to flow and make sense to the visitor, secondly if you over use your keywords the search engines will look at it as spam and penalize you for it. It will not be obvious to the reader that keywords have been incorporated into the content, but to the search engine spiders, the site’s content with its relevant keywords will be picked up by them during indexing and in turn displayed in the top ten rankings in search results. If you have a keyword rich site, it lets the search engines know what that page or site is about.

Those looking for the products or service that you offer, will quickly find your site as a result of the information. In other words, by getting across faster to those who are searching for your product or service niche, you are able to capture the attention of serious prospective customer instead of just casual visitors. Such people are more likely to act upon what is put up in your site. This means more qualified sale leads and more business for your company.

Organic SEO - White Hat SEOYou can write press releases, Ezine articles or blog articles and have a link placed at the bottom of the article which leads back to your site. Once again you need to put in keyword rich and engaging original content in these areas, so that will feel induced to click your site link for further details. Such people belong to your targeted audience are very likely to act I upon the information to out in your site thereby triggering off buying events. You can submit your site to directories and the more the number of relevant directories that you submit, the more your site is indexed by spiders, which means higher page rakings in search results. Doing all this will gain your site more traffic, which will in turn bring your company across to a wider audience than you could have imagined.

Through Organic SEO techniques, you just have to make your site search engine friendly and then let the search engine do the rest of the work for you, in bringing interested people to your site