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link building help - link building tips If there’s anything that cannot be debated in SEO services is the value of Link Building campaigns. Each link is like a vote in favor of your website. The more votes you have the more important your website is in the eyes of the almighty search engines. But before you run out and start throwing links to your website around there’s a few things you need to know first.

First is use anchor text in your links pointing back to your site. Your anchor text is the keyword you wish to rank for in the search engines. If you want rank for the term Blue Widgets” use that. If you use all your going to rank for is not the keywords that’s going to make you money.

Second if you are making a comment on a blog stay in context and use your anchor text within your comment. Do not use phrases like “I agree, good article Blue Widgets”. Most website owners see this type of spam all day long and your link will never see the light of day.

5 Steps To A DIY Link Building Campaign

  1. Exercise patience – A Link building campaign is like a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to develop your linking strategy, time to develop link building relationships. Then Google needs to recognize the links you’ve put out there, index them and update their data centers.
  2. Keyword research – Your link-building strategy should reflect the results of your keyword research.  Before you embark upon this journey, be sure you have a clear vision about which words you are targeting for the search engines.
  3. Be selective – Not all links are created equally.  Some forms of links will help your site ranking improve slowly while others will help you do so dramatically.  Be aware that some sites have been flagged by the search engines as harmful and can actually hurt your rankings.  For a deeper understanding of the methodology, see Wikipedia’s entry on PageRank.
  4. Research your competitors – If you are trying to beat a competitor for a particular keyword, simply type their URL in a site like Yahoo’s Site Explorer. Site Explorer will list namy more links that google will. If you they are commenting on blogs do the same thing. Nothing better that stealing the show from your competitor. 
  5. Write your own link text – If you can do this, DO IT! Unless the person you are working woth is very clear on what your goals are do not expect anyone else to come up with the keywords you want to use in your link.

Building links to your Web site can be time-consuming and slow to evolve, but it’s a necessity if you are looking for search engine success.  Following this handful of simple steps can get you on the road in no time at all.