How Important Is Backlinking?

Backlinking Is A Major Factor In High Rankings

Backlinking Makes Search Engines HappyBackLinking is a major part of proper SEO. Using BackLinks properly can greatly increase your site’s chances of being found in search engine results. Here is some useful information about linking and some tips you can try on your site.

Backlinking is the process of using other sites to link to your page to generate traffic. Backlinks have two positive effects on website traffic. First, they directly increase traffic by driving more visitors to your sites. Not all site traffic comes from search engines. Secondly, backlinking is a primary way that major search engines such as Google determine the value of a page. Simply put, the search engine algorithm assumes that if people are linking to your page, it is a valuable resource for those people. Especially valuable are links from sites that are considered good resources themselves on topics relevant to your page.

Having many links can increase your site’s search engine rankings, but not all links are created equal. Creating link farms or spamming your site’s URL all over unrelated pages encroaches on “black hat SEO” territory. These types of links will not raise your site’s ranking, and some search engines may remove your page altogether. Ideally, you want your site to have inbound links from long-established authorities on your topic. Most coveted are links from .gov or .edu addresses, as these sites are generally not subject to spam pages, link buying, or other negative effects.

Use Proper Anchor Text When Backlinking

backliningYou can make the best use of inbound links by surrounding them with relevant keywords. Search engine algorithms prefer links that are included in text, rather than standing alone, and also give more weight to links with titles (as opposed to simply saying “Click here”). Using your site’s keywords in and near your inbound links, you can easily increase your site’s search engine ranking.

Not All Backlinks Are Equal

Links that are programmed in images or in Flash will not boost your site’s search engine rankings. This is because search engine algorithms can’t read pictures. Only text links are readable by these programs. In general, you want to avoid over-using Flash and images on your site. Search engines have difficult indexing such pages and human users will often find them slow to load and cumbersome to navigate. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) applies to website design and SEO just as well as anything else in life.

backlinksYou want to avoid using an “index.html” page for your website. This is because you will end up splitting your site traffic between and Search engines will read those as two separate pages and account for links and traffic separately. Avoid linking to “index.html” homepages; if possible, eliminate them entirely and direct all traffic to your top-level domain page. You can avoid sabotaging your SEO efforts with this simple step.

No matter what you intend to do with your website, SEO is a vital part of your success. SEO depends heavily on the correct use of this powerful tool. Knowing how and where to use links, you can easily increase your website’s search engine rankings.